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Urban Apartment, Mumbai

In April 2018, we were approached by a client from Lagos to design their 3000 sq. ft rental apartment in Mumbai at Tahnee Heights. This was the first time Studio Wodehouse embarked on a project where the client was not living in the same city and the team only met the family twice during the course of the project. All design communication was over text messaging, the approved drawings were then executed by Studio Wodehouse at the site.

The project was completed within 8 months. Swift, efficient coordination, and communication between the team and the client, minimal changes after the drawings were signed off and uninterrupted work at site carried this project to completion.

The clients were extremely clear about the preferred colour palette and materials for their house. All furniture and furnishings were sourced locally from Mumbai. Art pieces were sourced by the client from local Nigerian artists, to add colour and character to the space while Studio Wodehouse team imported
wallpapers from London to decorate the living and dining areas.